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lawn care testimonials monmouth county nj GLLC was AMAZING. First things first, they got back to me literally in UNDER A MINUTE. As a first time home owner Shy Anne helped figure out how to go about landscaping and gave me price points that were super fare. When they came they completed their work FAST and efficiently. Thanks GLLC you guys were so nice and awesome and I will definitely recommend them to any and everyone!

Natalie P. - Englishtown

landscape testimonials monmouth county nj I was in a pinch, they came right through, They had gotten me 4 dump loads of soil and spread it before my new fence went up. what a turnaround. Need more services soon.

Nicholas V. - Old Bridge

landscape testimonials monmouth county nj 5/5. We hired Green Lion to completely renovate our front and back yards. They installed sod and COMPLETELY redid everything else. Turned our back yard into a paradise. Thank you guys for an easy, professional experience. Highly recommended.

Ted Nagel

landscape testimonials monmouth county This is the most responsive and professional landscaping service I have ever used. Hydrangeas that border my corner property were suffering badly from pest and mold. Green Lion revived them to their original beauty saving me the expense and work or having to replace them. Very happy with the results. Also great that I have always received a prompt answer to any question whenever I called or texted. Great experience. Highly recommended.

Carmela Facchini

landscape testimonials monmouth county Green Lion Lawn Care came to our rescue when our lawn needed them most.They provide quality service at a very affordable price. We couldn't be happier with the staff and their services.

Jason & Tanesha Ballard - Jackson

landscape testimonials monmouth countyWe have been using Green Lion for several years now. They are well priced, reliable and we are happy with the appearance of our landscaping. Well done!

Don Cash - Freehold

landscape testimonials monmouth countyIt's a no - hassle experience for us and the prices are great. Thanks guys!

Jerry Sperling - Marlboro

landscape testimonials monmouth countyReferral referral referral!!! Started using Green Lion last year. Lawn was looking the best it has in a long time, so I referred my cousin and two friends. Received a call from the company that they pay $50 for EACH referral! By the time the year was over, my lawn was basically done for free. Green Lion kept my lawn in excellent condition, but $50 referral!!??? I'm planning on making more friends for next season to save some money!

Stephanie Hadz - Millstone

landscape testimonials monmouth countyI have been a Green Lion customer for about six years, and I must say I have been extremely happy with the level of service. I do use Green Lion for my week to week lawn service as well as many other projects. I have called on Green Lion from year to year for mulch and even some smaller projects as installation of Mums. When I was looking to do some replanting, Adam made time to drive around the nursery with me to see that I was happy with the selection to make my pool area look more inviting. The level of attention spent from the Green Lion staff has been just great. They have also taken the time during the snowy months to give a call to see if I needed any snow removal. It is a pleasure doing business with Green Lion, and I would recommend them for any gardening needs you may have.

Valerie Spano - Freehold

landscape testimonials monmouth countyThank you for all of the work you have done to my lawn over the last few years. You've done a great job making my lawn look like a beautiful lush green lawn through your year fertilizer treatments and maintenance. The services you have provided for my property including, mulching, pest control, and tree & shrub treatments have been great and always a great price. Thank you again and I look forward to another spring / summer / fall season with the best lawn on the block.

Darren Resnick - Freehold

landscape testimonials monmouth countyMy wife and I moved into our new home last year with absolutely no landscaping and no clue where to start. After meeting with Green Lion's design team, my wife and I were so excited by what they promised the finished result would look like, we gave them the green light to complete the project. They built us walls, stone beds, several hundred plants, and my house went from a big house with no personality to the most BEAUTIFUL home in the neighborhood. The staff that week was kind, concerned, and really cared that my wife and I were happy with what everything looked like. We were glad we chose them over other companies within the FIRST day their crews came in. I've only had one house in my life landscaped from scratch, but this is what everyone's experience should be like. Use them, That's my advice for the day!

Steve Vincienzo -Morganville

landscape testimonials monmouth countyGreen Lion started fertilizing my lawn a few years ago. After a few years of switching services (I used a few national companies) they guaranteed (like everyone else) that our lawn would be the greenest on the block. I haven't switched since we've started and every year more and more of my neighbors use Green Lion. That should speak for itself. Award winning results in my opinion. EXTREMELY knowledgable staff. I had bad insect damage on plants in an area of my property I wasn't aware of. Their employee knocked, showed me the problem, the cause, and treated it on the spot. Probably saved me a few hundred dollars of replacing plants on my property. I trust them with my lawn and landscape. If I move I'll be bringing them with me!

Gary Tammer - Matawan

landscape testimonials monmouth countyLove this company! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I called Green Lion to have my property seeded in Fall of 2011. Can't lie, the lawn was really ugly up to that point. They were honest with me about what to expect for immediate results and long term results. I appreciated the time and care the employee dedicated to me on our first meeting. I ended up going with them for the seeding and their lawn program and within a few months of the following spring the lawn looked better then it ever has! I've given them my tree and shrub sprays and the landscape maintenance the following year. Only guys I trust on my property.

Ed Crader - Marlboro