One of our most popular programs and for very good reasons! Last year we experienced one of the highest tick populations in ten years. They can spread disease, infections and subsequently high pest control bills if brought into the home. They are renowned for carrying Lyme's Disease, Spotted Fever, Relapsing Fever, Tularemia, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and more. They are active most of the year - Spring through Fall - and multiply very quickly. Green Lion uses a specialized treatment that targets and protects the perimeter of your property as well as the perimeter of your home. It is recommended that this application is performed at least 3-4 times a year to target each life cycle of the pest and current infestation rates.

Fleas are a parasitic insect that can be found everywhere in New Jersey. They are well known for feeding off of dogs and cats, but can feed on any warm blooded animal, including humans. There are over two thousand species of fleas world-wide, but the most common species in the United States is the Cat Flea. Although the name would suggest that these insects are found on cats only, these fleas can be found on a wide variety of warm blooded animals throughout New Jersey and most all of North America. The average flea lives for approximately one hundred days. In that amount of time a single female flea could produce 400-500 offspring! Although fleas are very small, they can be very dangerous. Fleas commonly transfer tapeworms to their hosts. In pets, fleas have been known to cause anemia. Fleas are the vectors of many diseases including the bacterial disease Murine Typhus and the Bubonic Plague that ravaged Europe many years ago. Due to the fact that their life-cycle and mating-cycles are very consistent with Ticks, Tick Protection Programs and Flea Protection Programs are commonly bundled together.

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tick control monmouth county